Who am I? What does my “self” sound like?

Youngsters from the Eduard-Spranger comprehensive school in the German town Reutlingen (situated in the rural area of the Swabian Alb) have started to unveil their acoustic selves. Together with INSPIRE students from Tübingen and a professional supervisor, journalist Dr. Pia Fruth, they explored the soundscapes of their school, listened to and even produced lots of different sounds. And they continued to ask themselves: How do these sounds relate to me? What do they mean to me?

The main reason for working with sounds: The youngsters have lots of different nationalities and talk different languages. Working with sound is a way to bring them together, a means of team-building. Exploring the possibilities of sound when working with multi-cultural and multi-language groups is an important educational as well as academic aim of the Tübingen INSPIRE team. So it was a first success getting the kids express themselves, first through drawings, then through their personal sound collage.

The youngsters take part in a radio contest for which they developed a dystopian story: They are survivors of a global catastrophe, and only sound memories of the past are left on the planet.

So, what do you think when hearing these recordings? Where are we, what happens, how do you feel?

INSPIRE will continue to work with the group during their production process in a professional studio for radio drama. And we are very excited about the contest which will take part in June. Good luck!

Our partner for the project is the “Stiftung Zuhören” (foundation for listening), that fosters a culture of listening and paying attention to each other in a respectful way – a very important aim in our society of diversity and plurality.


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