It was the most challenging INSPIRE project in Tübingen by now:

A large group of 20 youngsters, aged between 11 and 16 (which is a huge span) from 13 different nationalities, supervised by 1 teacher, coached by 1 radio professional, assisted by 5 media students from the University of Tübingen. It got quite crowded in the class room.

The fact that most of the youngsters hardly knew a single German word didn’t help either.

Our students have been warned before, and they bravely stepped into the lion’s den. But they soon realised: It wasn’t that bad at all! Yes, it was quite noisy, pupils walking around the room all the time, but they didn’t toss chairs at each other (at least they didn’t on the first day, I have to add).

So before they started to collaborate on their project – creating a sound story – the students produced a making-of video of their first day in the “Welcome Class” at the community school in Aalen, a town on the Swabian Alb. Here it is:

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