Tübingen’s latest INSPIRE Project has focussed on the history of migration within Germany. We have worked with a “preliminary class” – that is a class of young migrants who still are to practise on their German before they can attend regular classes.

So doing a radio show on this historical topic was a huge challenge as well as experience for them: working with language, using different styles of speech, and exploring unfamiliar vocabulary related to history.

The show focused on two historical constellations: the displacement of people in eastern Europe after the Second World War, and the division of Germany which led thousands of people to try to escape and cross the Wall.

Together with students from the University of Tübingen, the youngsters have prepared and conducted two interviews with contemporary witnesses. Mr Lohmiller remembers that his tiny Swabian village had to take in and integrate lots of displaced people, for example from Hungary. And the village has surprisingly experienced that they all were able to learn something from each other. Mrs Schlauch tells the story of her and her husband’s escape from the GDR through Czechoslovakia and Hungary to Austria and finally Western Germany – just a few months before the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

Especially the absurd situation of an iconic wall as a barrier between two political systems draw on the youngsters’ attention. So they renarrated escape stories of mostly young men and women who sought for desperate or even ludicrous ways of crossing the Wall. Listen to one of them:

The whole show will be broadcast on the local radio in Tübingen and will be available online afterwards. Check Tübingen’s INSPIRE-Blog for latest news!

The show will be on the air on 11 November 2018, 12.00.

Wüste Welle Tübingen:
FM 96,6
livestream www.wueste-welle.de

Tune in!


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