Part of the INsPIrE-Project was a Summer School for three days in Brussels. The participants came from London, Brussels, Cluj, Barcelona and Mechelen. And also from Tuebingen there were two students participating the workshops – one of them was me.

As I arrived later in Brussels than the others, I met them after dinner and I was directly welcomed and included. The group was completely mixed and everybody got along really well from the very beginning.

On the next day there was a presentation of the different workshops and afterwards everyone could decide, where to take part in. I participated in a radio workshop, where we produced audioslides. The experiences of us were very different. I got along really well with Naomi, a participant from London. She was homeless for a while and didn’t have the chance of a privileged education so far. For me it was extremely fascinating how intrigued and joyful she did her audioslide. So it was a lot of fun and personal gain for me helping her with the techniques of cutting or other tasks concerning the audio.

Workshops (22)

The next day I took part in another radio workshop and in the afternoon we went to the European Parliament, which was quite impressing and interesting for all of us. In the evening we went out and one could really feel how close we all came together in just a short time. The exchange was especially exciting as everyone had his or her own Story. And even if the group could seem to be very heterogenous, it was absolutely harmonic.

Unterwegs (2)

On the last day I did a foto workshop, where each of us had to choose a theme and then take pictures in the city centre relating to the topic. In this way we got another look at Brussels and also could train our aesthetic photographic “look through the camera”. In the evening there was a closing party at the hosting university IHECS. Even though we just had three days together, we all got very close and are still in contact. We are very much looking forward to the next Summer School, which will take place in London in October! 😊

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(Anna van Aken)

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